Developed by Alex Torrenti of Imagine Group and directed by Mikel Alonso surfer, this application is probably destined to turn a reference for surfers. Glassy Pro serves, basically, for know conditions (wind, waves, temperature, difficulty level, etc.) of the places where we can make surf nearby or anywhere in the   Read More ...

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Evernote lets you capture, share and relive your memorable meals. You can organize them with photos of the food, setting and fellow diners. Whether eating at home, in a restaurant, or you’re going to embark on a new culinary adventure, use this app to remember all those delightful experiences.

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Use Evernote Hello to remember all the people you meet and encounters you have. Remembering people is hard. Evernote Hello makes it easy by creating a rich, browsable history of individuals, encounters and shared experiences. If you meet someone for the first time, if you need to remember the name   Read More ...

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