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Little can be said about the considered best game ever that has not already been said before. GTA: San Andreas continues making its name nine years after its initial release   Read More ...

Overall score 9

FIRST TOUCH SOCCER 2014 iPad/iPhone/iPod

First Touch Soccer 2014 takes over the Dream League franchise to deliver its annual football simulation installment to our screens …

Overall score 7


The launch of IOS 7 and the new range of Apple devices, has also served to present the culmination of the Infinity Blade saga, which uses the most of the   Read More ...

Overall score 8,5

FIFA 14 for iPhone/iPad/iPod

EA Sports presents the latest installment of the FIFA franchise, which has some important differences with its predecessors …

Overall score 7,5

ASPHALT 8: AIRBORNE iPhone/iPad/iPod

Like every year, Gameloft releases a new installment of the Asphalt series . On this occasion, Asphalt 8: Airborne brings new improvements that will delight those addicted to arcade driving   Read More ...

Overall score 8,5


The first installment of the Call of Duty franchise exclusively developed for mobile devices comes to our screens. Activision’s developers of Call of Duty: Strike Team state that this new   Read More ...

Overall score 8,8

MAN OF STEEL for iPhone/iPad/iPod

The forces of the evil General Zod have come to Earth with the intention of conquering the planet. The last hope of humanity is the greatest superhero of all time:   Read More ...

Overall score 7

BLITZ BRIGADE for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Launched in France a few months ago, Blitz Brigade is now globally avaiable to bring some fresh air to the world of first-person shooters, focusing almost exclusively on online gaming.   Read More ...

Overall score 8

IRON MAN 3 for iPhone/iPad/iPod

While Marvel’s blockbuster premieres in theaters with the latest movie of the Ironman series, Gameloft does the same in our tablets with the videogame adaptation of the new adventures of   Read More ...

Overall score 7

REAL RACING 3 for iPhone/iPad/iPod

With every new release of the Real Racing series, EA Sports improves itself in gameplay, graphics and technical perfection. But will this be enough for Real Racing 3 to become   Read More ...

Overall score 8,5

TABLE TOP RACING for iPhone/iPad/iPod

There are many racing games available on the App Store, but surely none so cheeky and happy-go-lucky as Table Top Racing …

Overall score 8,5

BANANA KONG for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Kong Banana is a game that draws on various sources. Some of them are well known to all fans as Donkey Kong Country, Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride. We’ll put   Read More ...

Overall score 6,7

Gesundheit! for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Some time has passed since Konami, in collaboration with Revolutionary Concepts, released Gesundheit! Awarded as best puzzle game in 2011, it still remains so appreciated by fans that it has   Read More ...

Overall score 9

TEMPLE RUN 2 for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Temple Run is already well known by nearly one hundred and seventy million of happy users . Now Imangi Studios launches its second installment trying to repeat the same success.   Read More ...

Overall score 7

JOE DANGER for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Joe Danger comes to IOS after its successful journey through Xbox Live and Playstation Network. Seldom we can that a port to touch screens is so successful that even exceeds   Read More ...

Overall score 8,5


ZeptoLab launches its first game not based on the famous franchise Cut the Rope. True to its style, the Russian studio brings us another puzzle game with nice, charming and   Read More ...

Overall score 7

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