The developer Gaijin Entertainment has announced the release of Run’n'Gun and is already available on the App Store.
This is a free game for iPhone, iPad and iPod, with a similar style to “Temple Run”, in which we will have to run and shoot through various levels set in the stories of the Brothers Grimm.
We can choose between five different heroes with their own individual characteristics, but for this we have to advance levels, collect coins and accept missions in a tavern, but if we want get it more quickly we will have to paid. We may also compare our scores with those of our friends on Facebook.

In those troubled times when everyone might easily come across trolls or even uglier ones, when every child kept a revolver under his or her pillow, there was only a nearby tavern to beguile a boring afternoon. At the late hour all are equal at the bar desk – either a sheriff, or a hunter, or a nasty troll. They said a city bank was robbed, and everybody who seems to be capable of breaking strong safe locks has fallen under suspicion.
No one likes thieves, but goblins running away with the gold backpacked displeasure doubly! The time has come to hunt – the most accurate gunner takes it all.

Run'n'Gun (AppStore Link) Run'n'Gun
Desarrollador: Gaijin Entertainment Corporation
Rated: 12+
Precio: Gratis Download
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